Your Guide To Auckland’s Best Bars Part One

Sometimes when you’re on holiday you need to treat yourself. You have escaped to treat yourself and sometimes that means sitting down with some good company and enjoying a good drink. Auckland is perfect for this, our bustling metropolis is packed with secret bars, bars with amazing themes, and simple holes in the wall with great history.  We have filtered through the collection of bars in the city to bring you a diverse collection that features something for everyone.   

Racket Bar  

Racket is the loud and eclectic staple of Britomart that features a cheeky and humorous attitude with a damn good selection of drinks to match this cheeky attitude. With 85 premium rum varieties on the shelf and the self-titled “Auckland’s Most Expensive Fire Hazard” out front, Racket is the perfect place to spend winter nights away from the fierce weather. The modest lighting also makes it acceptable to cozy up in a booth and get submerged in conversation.  


Bonita is the kind of place that you walk in to and feel at home – slightly hidden behind a side street in Ponsonby, it has become a favorite destination for locals, and as a result, it has grown a friendly neighborhood local feel about it. The staff is equally as friendly as the locals the adorn the sidebar, the selection of wines and locally sourced beer are also well worth the visit. With outdoor seating both front and back, it’s the ideal place to catch some afternoon rays and people watch, or to hide away.  

The Wine Cellar  

You’ll have to take a journey down the stairs of St Kevin’s Arcade to find this hidden free-spirited Wine Cellar. The wine cellar is a staple of Auckland and K Road for its exciting and diverse range of local gigs that are often put-on, as well as their alternative them and simple style – that includes old school pinball games. This bar is perfect for those in a large group looking for a night out, or those more attuned to a cozy night.   

The Portland Public House  

This comfortable DIY wonderland where the drinks taste good and you’ll likely rub shoulders with a who’s who of local musicians. This bar is a truly alive, it starts off as a restaurant during the day, then transforms into a venue and dancefloor in the evening, but if you want to sit rather than drink, their back room and outdoor area is perfect for catching up with friends or having a date night. Their beer selection is equally fantastic mixing classics with local craft breweries, as well as having a nice selection of wine to choose from.