Travelling Tastebuds: Mexican Food in Auckland

By March 15, 2019Uncategorised

In our new blog series we are going to cover a different type of international cuisine and the best spots in Auckland to experience them. One of the great things about Auckland is its diversity, the city is made up of a mixture of different cultures and if there is one thing that brings us all together it’s our love of food. In this first edition we are going to look into some of the best spots in the city that do authentic Mexican food.

Besos Latinos

Translated to ‘Latin kisses’, Besos Latinos is a well-known establishment that is located in the extremely popular upmarket food hall Elliot Stables in the CBD, just off Queen Street. Offering authentic Latin American cuisine as well as a tasty selection of cocktails. Their cocktails are around $15-20, but really it’s the experience and ambience that you’re paying for before or after a night out in town. If you’re feeling a bit famished, then fuel your body with some mouthwatering enchiladas and cheesy quesadillas.

Mexican Specialties

You’ll find one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Auckland nested in Ellerslie. This eatery has become famous for its soft tacos filled with protein such as beef, prawn and chicken. And for those looking to feast on a budget, you’ll be happy to hear that everything is priced at around $15 and you’ll leave with a full belly. They have dining in and takeaway options as well as goodies for sale if you feel like recreating your own tacos at home.

The Lucky Taco

If heading to a restaurant just isn’t you thing, then let me introduce you to The Lucky Taco, a much loved taco truck that has been tooting its way around Auckland since 2013. In addition to a range of mouthwatering tacos that they serve including the Tacos De Arrachera with skirt steak and tasty options for vegetarians such as the Tacos De Calabacita with zuccinni. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Tacos De Sesos which features lamb brain mixed with egg batter. Or unleash your creativity by picking up their hot sauce mix and a home DIY taco kit. (Remember, it’s called hot sauce for a reason!)

Nanita’s Tamales

Nanita’s Tamales is a cosy spot in Northcote food court where you can find the most traditional and homely Mexican dishes. Open for dinner only, though sometimes not at all (it pays to check ahead of time)  it is super affordable where you can feed two for less than $30. One highlight would be the tacos which are around $15 for three and you get interesting options such as chicken and slow-cooked lamb rather than the usual beef. The vegan taco made from organic Mexican black mushrooms (Cultlacoche) is also a must-try. And, of course, you can’t beat owner Nanita’s namesake tamales.