Top Spots for Solo Travelers

By October 10, 2019Uncategorised

Visiting us in Auckland for business, or travelling around solo this summer? Although there is plenty to do for those travelling in groups, sometimes it’s hard to find those spots that are suitable for one, so if you are looking to relax and look after yourself, we have done the work and found some top spots for one!

Barista Cat Cafe

Grab a coffee, get acquainted with the resident kitties and get ready for a whole lotta patting, talking to cats in baby voices and leaving probably wanting to adopt your own! It’s a great way to add a spin to your morning coffee and have some unique company, and its all for a good cause!

Try A Float

For one of the most out-there and alternative ways to relieve stress and feel good, why not de-robe and slide on into one of Auckland’s top floatation tanks? A one-hour session is the equivalent to four hours quality rest and with no temptation of electronic devices to distract you, you can completely unwind and switch off – perfect for those on business!

Auckland Botanical Gardens

Take a stroll through the greenery, immerse yourself in all the stunning foliage and breathe in all of the incredible scents. There are plenty of short walks around the gardens as well as the Auckland museum, both also perfect for those travelling solo!

The Classic

For a quick and guaranteed pick me up, head on over to The Classic for belly laughs galore. With something going on every night and hosting some of the best local and international acts, you are sure to leave with a side stitch and a grin from ear to ear

Mt Eden

Sometimes we need reminding of the fact that we live in such a beautiful and bountiful city. Where better to remember this than at the top of Mount Eden. With some of the most stellar, panoramic views of Auckland, and with ample space to have some alone time, this may be one of the more predictable spots, but boy, it’s one of the best. Being located pretty much around the corner (and a few more) this is perfect for those wanting to go for a morning jog, or to just get away from the noise of the city.

Save Ferris Arcade Bar

There’s just something so comforting about a blast from the past, and there’s nothing that makes us feel more like children than playing some old school arcade games. Forget your playstation, because pinball is back—this time with beer (or cider if that’s your jam). You can end up here for hours reliving the classics and getting hypnotized by the colorful lights and bells!