Top Five Best Dessert Spots In Auckland

By August 11, 2019Uncategorised

The whole idea of going on holiday is to treat yourself – to relax, kick back, and take in life’s pleasures and when you are visiting the big city, or even the country for the first time its always a must to take in the best food and treats the city has to offer. Luckily for us, living in Auckland you are spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth! And we have made a small list of our five favorite spots to dive into a delicious dessert.

The Dairy

Come with us now to our first delicious location, located in the hub for good food, Ponsonby. Located in Ponsonby Central, The Dairy are known for their mouth-watering toasted sandwiches and other cheesy creations, but when the day turns into night, it’s the desserts that’ll have your attention. Grab a scoop from their ice cream counter or, better yet, get on the ice cream sandwich amalgamations. The Dairy’s most famous menu item is the toasted brioche s’mores, which come with an incredible selection of flavors: dark chocolate, salted popcorn, banana, homemade marshmallow and mascarpone between toasted brioche.


Located in the city center, this this  must-visit dessert hub has made a reputation for it’s mouth watering ice creams that are matched with out-of-this-world toppings including: doughnuts, hand-torched meringue and other mind-blowing bits and bobs. This is the kind of place that gets creative with their food, including replacing the cones with such food items as Yorkshire pudding. So if you are looking for a little invention with your food, make sure you have Giapo on your list!

Chocolate Boutique

Alright everyone, this is the crown-jewel of Parnell, it’s the little shop that’s had many international presidents and celebrities visit it of course, is the Chocolate Boutique. This dessert location takes its title seriously, when they say they are a chocolate boutique – they mean it. This little shop on the main street of Parnell is   home to hundreds of decadent chocolates, old school lollies and the kinda desserts that hit the spot and makes for the perfect date location, or a great way to spoil the kids. Beyond the chocolate theme, they also have sticky date pudding, berry waffles, chocolate fondue, banana spilt and Death by Chocolate—a chocolate dessert to rule them all.

OKO Dessert Kitchen

If you have spent the day walking around the main city, locking in some shopping on queen street and now just want to relax, then head over to OKO Dessert Kitchen for a taste of the good life. Located conveniently in Aotea Square, this delicious spot takes dessert seriously which can only benefit us all! There’s a selection of waffles, cabinet desserts, freakshakes and Chef’s Desserts. Their signature steaming volcano is also worth trying for the experience of chocolate lava alone!