Five Great Vegan Eateries in Auckland

By September 20, 2019Uncategorised

Vegans get a bad rap, and sometimes it can feel like you are a little excluded in where you can go to eat, but that certainly is not the case in Auckland! We are packed with so many vegan choice that you could almost be hard-pressed to find the perfect location! Well, don’t fear my friends as we have whittled down our top five choice, that are perfect even for your herbivore friends!

Wise Boys

Just because you’ve gone vegan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on greasy, mouth-watering classic American burgers, and Wise Boys have you covered! This take-out style, hole-in-the-wall joint has two tables should you want to devour on the spot. The selection is where it is at though, you will find the traditional style burgers like The Classic Cheese and The Spicy Mex or explore a more creative flare with the “fancy boys” list feature treats such as The Dirty Boy.

Tart Bakery

There’s nothing more kiwi than a good pie in the morning, and in all honesty, no matter your diet, Tart hands down has the best pies in Auckland. The fully stocked pie cabinet has all of the classic flavours—only made from plants. We’re talking ‘mince and cheese’, ‘creamy chicken’ and the classic ‘sausage rolls’. If you have a sweet tooth then one look at the sweets and pastries will have you drooling—beautiful berry danishes, chocolate croissants, iced donuts and daily cakes galore.


Although not fully vegan, the mostly plant-based eatery has a courtyard decorated with lush green vines, comfy couch style seating and plenty of tables to fit larger groups. Its perfect for brunch – the citrus waffles with lemony coconut ambrosia, fresh citrus, vegan meringue and chocolate sauce make for a sensational breakfast. If you’re feeling more savoury then the barbeque jackfruit sliders are a real win—slow braised barbeque jackfruit with coleslaw, smoked paprika aioli and alfalfa sprouts!

Lord of the Fries

This one has etched out a name for itself in Auckland and New Zealand, offering classic fast-food that features all the classics—cheese-burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers—except all free of animal products of course. The take-away style makes for a quick and easy meal to pick up on your way home to devour on the couch for maximum treat yo’self vibes.

The Butcher’s Son

Our final eatery comes with a motto i’m sure we can all get behind:  “delicious on your tastebuds, easy on your conscience, and better for the environment”. Their entire menu is made without any animal products, their takeaway packaging is biodegradable, and they proudly support local produce suppliers. The food is just as fantastic as they advertise! Mozzarella sticks, shitake mushroom and crispy pork bao buns, tacos and nachos, beet burgers, and sunfed chicken miso slaw burgers too.