Exploring Auckland’s High Street

By July 15, 2019Uncategorised

If you are a bit of a shopaholic, love great restaurants and coffees, and knowing about the secret streets of cities, then this is the blog post for you! Auckland’s High Street is the cities best open secret, running parallel to Queen Street, this short one-way street features some of the cities best fashion brands and most esteemed restaurants.  And in this blog, we will cover some of our favorite spots on the street:

Unity Books

Unity books is just one of those stores that has something for everyone and where you can jump in and loose track of time. This Auckland institution is one of the last independent book stores in the city and has survived all these years due to their immense collection of various titles and their excellent service from their staff who have expert knowledge and are always on hand to help locate what you need or offer recommendations. The shop is located on a hard-to-miss orange building, so you have no excuse to pas this one up!


This cute little hidden gem has earned a rep as one of the best cafés in Auckland, which simply comes down to their back-to-basics dishes that they do absolute justice by mastering each and every element. From their crumpets to their humble sandwiches in the cabinet, they’ve nailed taste and presentation.

Crane Brothers

If you are wanting to head out for nice night, or are in the city for business and want to look your sharpest, then men, look no further than Crane Brothers. This traditional suit-tailoring store has gained a well-deserved reputation with new Zealand men, form their high quality suits that draw inspiration from British and Italian Tailoring tradition. Garments are Made in Italy and designed to work in harmony with an Antipodean climate and lifestyle.

Flo & Frankie

But of course High Street is a perfect shopping destination for the ladies as well, and one of our personal favorites is the ever-popular Flo and Frankie.  A simple browse through flo & frankie‘s boutique will surely provide you with utter glee, the relaxed retail space is packed with women’s fashion, design and lifestyle goods. Homewares and accessories are dotted around the store providing plenty of gift options as well.

Eight Thirty

If exploring the wonders of High Street requires a quick caffeine fix, then look no further than Eight thirty.  This pink and white café in the heart of High Street is a firm fave for those who work in the city. Delivering some of the best coffee in town, these baristas know what they’re doing. With a great vibe and décor, Eightthirty also has a cabinet full of tasty food so you can hit the hunger spot while enjoying your liquid gold.