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Winter Activities to Tick Off In Auckland

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As we head towards the middle of the year and deep into the throws of winter, and after the events of lockdown we begin to explore our own backyard, you may feel the lack of stretching sunshine days may result in a lack of activities – but this is far from the case! Even if the weather packs in during your visit, there is still a multitude of activities in the city that are perfect for the whole family!

Save Ferris

Take a step back in time and experience the joys of early gaming with this arcade that will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped through a time warp right back into a classic 80s arcade—think pinball machines, vintage comics and cartoon projections.

Serving a wicked range of predominantly New Zealand craft beers, the bar has it all, from cocktails to fine whisky. For hardcore craft beer aficionados, Save Ferris is conveniently located above the beer jerk bunker who themselves carry an impressive range of international brews. 

Perfect for a date, or to show the kids your skills, save ferris is the perfect rainy day activity!

Mt Albert Aquatic Centre

Just because it ain’t summer, doesnt mean you can’t go for a dip or expericnce the thrills of wavves at the ebach – indoors!

Known affectionately by locals as the Wave Pools, Mt Albert Aquatic Centre is famous fo it’s pools that create some waves. If you’re more of a serious swimmer, there is the classic 25m rectangular pool. For everyone else there is the wave pool that mimics a beach. Relax in lazy river, best spent floating on a doughnut, or don’t, and go down the hydro slide till you’re dizzy. For the kiddies there are hours of entertainment from watching the bucket water feature fill up and guessing which one will flip next. For the adults this sight is pretty entertaining to watch from the spa.

Holey Moley

Speaking of taking summer activities indoors, one of Auckland’s latest most popular venues is Holey Moley – incredibly themed indoor mini golf with a bar to boost!

Situated on the Viaduct, there are three nine-hole courses, two downstairs and one upstairs. Firstly, have your photo taken on the Simpson’s couch or in the Flinstone’s car. Then, head to the bar and choose a cocktail that suits your mood – choose from the Caddy Classics or the House Signature!

On the bottom floor there are two nine-hole courses, with each hole more crazy than the next. Think trying to get a hole-in-one on an Operation board or on a crowd surfing stage.

Upstairs the magic continues. Here you’ll find another bar and, if you happen to be super famous and want a bit of privacy a hidden door gives you access to yet another nine-hole course. From a scene from Jaws to a sitting room with images of iconic Kiwis from your childhood like Suzy Cato, your jaw won’t leave the floor!

Auckland Favourites to Order from in Level 3

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With Level Three now days away, life under lockdown will have fewer restrictions as we slowly inch towards a sense of normalcy. But as we continue to live under lockodown, one thing that level two allows us is the option to order takeawys again, and start supporting some of the small business in the city as they start to recover.

So we have mad a list of some of our local favourites that are offering delivery in Level two.

Burger Burger
Based in Newmarket, Ponsonby and Takapuna, Burger Burger offers ome of the best burgers in the city. adapting to the conditions, Burger Burger are pulling out all the stops, with DIY burger boxes and other treats (including booze) available for delivery, plus their usual BB goodies available for pick-up – including a valet-style service at their Ponsonby store!

This Parnell institution is opening up for business on May 7th, offering a cant-miss three-course pick-up menu with dishes like West Coast whitebait omelettes and Bali duck pancakes, as well as a selection of sides and other additions. With delivery options available, be sure to check out their famous tiramisu and salted caramel pavlovas.

Coco’s Cantina
The Locally famous K-Road Italian inspired restaurant has designed a menu that is surely is to expand as they settle into life at Level 3, with plans also in place to offer family-size freezer meals (yuss). With delivery options as well as pick-up from the restaurant, there really is no excuse to miss out on the famous eats on offer.

Located in the heart of the city, if you’re in the mood for some fun and flavoursome Peruvian-style food, from acclaimed chefs Nic Watt and Darren Johnson; look no further than Inca! Available for delivery or pick-up, the pair have also put together a range of gourmet meal kits, so you can cook like a pro at home!

This city-centered establishment offers mouthwatering offerings for each main meal of the day – Get your fill of everything from beautiful breakfasts (their shakshuka is legit) through to pre-dinner mezze and mains. Like many other eateries, they’ve also put together a line-up of chilled, vaccum packed meals with chicken chasseur, beef bourguignon and a winter vegetable tagine all on the menu. Available for delivery or pick-up, this one is well worth a try!

The Pie Piper
Available for pick up, these K-Road favourites are making a name for themselves for their amazing American-style dessert pies – now they’re bringing us mouthwatering treats of the savoury variety! Their new Piper Diner menu features Philly cheesesteak and meatball pomordoro hoagies and a build-your-own breakfast biscuit. Of course, it’d be absolutely criminal not to order one of their sweet pies, or doughnuts from sister company Doornuts while you’re at it.!