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June 2019

Tuck into a food truck: the best meals on wheels

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Kiwi ingenuity is is our blood and we love supporting local business especially if it means mouth watering food! Some of Auckland best food can be found on four wheels, and we have our top five to share with you:


Looking for some good quality real fruit ice cream with a wholesome twist? Isaac and Heidi decided to bring real fruit ice cream to the inner Auckland area. With their custom-made caravan they blend your choice of berries into vanilla ice cream, and to cater for ever increasing food allergies and dietary choices they also offer vegan ice cream! Simple, fresh and delicious. They are proud to use biodegradable packaging to reduce the impact on our beautiful environment.


Pasta is a staple in every Italian’s diet so when Luisa discovered her intolerance to gluten a couple of years ago, her partner Tommaso started playing around with different recipes to make gluten free pasta…after a year or so of trial and error he found a recipe he (and his very critical Italian friends) was happy with. Excited to share our food with the world, they decided to open up the doors of Amaranto Pasta & Cucina!


You can’t have a food truck list without hotdogs, and let me tell you, Brooklyn Dogs provides a simple menu of quality, manuka smoked sausages that are made from only natural casings, free-range pork and prime beefy hat are to die for. They don’t waste time with fillers, preservatives or nitrates. Their mission is to improve the meat you eat; so that you can experience an American classic the way it was meant to be – handmade, 100% natural and deliciously meaty.


Guerrilla Grill is a ’73 Land Rover food truck helmed by Steve and Yang who met at culinary school and have been hanging out ever since! The concept of Guerrilla Grill came about during a summer of travel & when they launched in the winter they saw a gap in the market for some simple, bone warming comfort food. Enter grilled cheese sandwiches! They start on an organic sourdough with a house blend of Dutch cheese. The menu is always changing to keep things fresh and seasonal.


Okay, this one isn’t food, but we all know it’s hard to find good coffee, so I had to share this coffee truck with you! Tinman was created to offer a premium mobile coffee service, using top quality equipment operating out of a vehicle that was a little bit special – a 1967 Citroen H Van. They serve Coffee Supreme coffee, lovingly crafted on a La Marzocco espresso machine using Organic milk. Seasonal cabinet food is available and they scoop premium Kapiti Ice Cream in the summer months.