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January 2019

Night of Laughs – Exploring the Classic

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Auckland is known as the hub of New Zealand comedy, most of the comedians you see brace our small screens are mainly based in Auckland, and you are very likely to catch the. Doing a set at Auckland famous Classic Comedy bar.

The iconic Queen Street venue showcases New Zealand’s top and up-and-coming comedians. There are even open-mic nights in case you wanted to try the stage out for yourself. Here, you’ll spend the night drinking and laughing, and no, you won’t be disappointed. So let’s have a look at your options throughout the week:

Monday – Raw Comedy Night

There’s nothing quite like an open mic comedy night, where you can witness some of the cities freshest faces in comedy trying out new material that lands and sometimes misses. You can also try your hand at comedy and sign up yourself, trust me when I say that giving stand up comedy a try is a certain type of adrenaline rush! So grab a few beers from the bar and sit in for a night of uncertainty.


Tuesday either has a a show featuring an established comedian, or a selection of established comedians, or is otherwise closed.

Wednesday – Big Wednesday

Fifteen dollars to see over ten comedians in one night? Look no further than the classics big Wednesday where you get to witness a showcase of up and coming local talent. Wednesday’s can also have shows running in other rooms with established comedians, so it’s worth checking the weeks program for more details!

Thursday – Pro Night

Pro night has been running since 1997 and for $20 you get an evening with some of New Zealand top comedians, it’s even cheaper if you bring a group in, which we highly recommend, it the perfect way to start you night off: drinks and giggles.

Friday/Saturday – classic comedy all Stars and live and late.

Friday and Saturday nights are packed for the weekend, you can usually find some established comedian on tour but you can also grab some tickets to the established nights. The first being a two hour show that features top comedians, the Comedy All-Stars is hailed as the main event of the week and is a great steal for $30 and as always, it’s cheaper as a group! If you are looking for some real late night giggles look no further than the Live and Late show which is described as alternative comedy late at night. This kicks of at 10pm and tickets are $15.